The Human Agenda: Conversations about Sexual Orientation & Gender Identy
TransÜber, 2015
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In THE HUMAN AGENDA, LGBTQI advocate Joe Wenke speaks with some of the community's leading change agents. In these wide-ranging and probing conversations,
amazing people share their personal and professional stories along with their profound commitment to freedom and equality.

THE HUMAN AGENDA addresses some of the most critical issues facing the LGBTQI community, including:

  • The marginalization of transgender people
  • Breaking down the sexual orientation and gender identity binaries
  • The fluidity of sexual orientation and gender identity
  • The challenges of coming out
  • The religious justification for bigotry against LGBTQI people
  • Marriage equality
  • The right to adopt children
  • The politics of difference: sexual orientation, gender identity and race
  • Reclaiming language: the power of "queer"

Featuring authors, models, filmmakers, actors, physicians and other leading change agents, including Gisele Alicea (aka Gisele Xtravaganza), Ash Beckham, Dr. Carys Massarella, Carmen Carrera, Elegance Bratton, Andre St. Clair, Y-Love, and Andrew Solomon.

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Exclusive Q&A with Joe Wenke about The Human Agenda

What led you to write The Human Agenda?

I'm very concerned that we are becoming increasingly polarized as a culture. I wanted to create a book that attempts to respond to this polarization by finding common ground in our shared humanity. That's the motivation behind The Human Agenda. Q&A read on