Joe Wenke Interviews: Rita Mae Brown on being a Lambda Literary Pioneer 05/31/2015 - Noted author and activist Joe Wenke (The Talk Show, The Human Agenda: Conversations about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) spoke to Brown about her writing, her latest accolade, and the future of the LGBT cause. more

Pride Month: Joe Wenke Says LGBTQIA equality still a long ways off 06/01/2015 - Well, it's Gay Pride month and we're also just a few weeks away from the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. I think it's almost always a bad idea to anticipate outcomes because life is so unpredictable, but just about everyone, including every Republican candidate for president, thinks that SCOTUS will rule either that all Americans have a constitutional right to marry whomever they want regardless of gender or that all states must recognize legal marriages performed in other states. more

The Catholic Church Should Ordain Women   Orlando Sentinel 05/18/2015 - Since 2008, the Roman Catholic Church has automatically excommunicated any woman who is ordained a priest as well as any bishop who participates in the ordination. At the time, the church stated that its excommunication decree was "absolute and universal." more

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Bruce Jenner's Bravery Inspires and Enlightens 04/25/2015 - I love you. You are a beautiful and brave human being. You are an inspiration. You are doing the most radical thing any human being can do. You are standing up for freedom and equality, standing up for what it means to be human, simply by being yourself. more

What Will It Take To End Discrimination Against Our 15,500 Transgender Service Members? 03/10/2015 - It was certainly cause for celebration when President Barack Obama, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen certified congressional legislation to end don't ask, don't tell" (DADT) more

This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids should be on every family's shelf 01/28/2015 - Dannielle Owens-Reid and Kristin Russo are innovators. In 2010 they founded and turned a cliched and moribund communications medium, the advice column, into something quite different - more

Andrew Solomon and Dr. Joe Wenke discuss how our differences define us 07/22/2014 - Andrew Solomon is a writer and lecturer on politics, culture and psychology as well as an activist and philanthropist on behalf of LGBT rights, mental health, education and the arts. more

A Primer on Gender Identity and Transgender Children 04/08/2015 - Aidan Key is the founder and director of Gender Diversity Education and Support Services at Seattle Children's Hospital. Joe Wenke is the author of THE HUMAN AGENDA: Conversations about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. more

Not Feeling the Love for Pope Francis   Huffington Post 02/14/2014 - I feel left out. Just about everybody is in love with Pope Francis except me. I know he hasn't gotten much love from Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin, but they are totally clueless. more

The Human Agenda   Huffington Post 12/31/2013 - What are these people talking about? "The greatest immediate threat to every freedom and right that is enshrined in the First Amendment." "Every major institution is being corrupted. "A very vicious thing that's just growing like a hydraheaded monster." "The very future of our nation is at risk." And finally: It's not only foreign errorists that we need to fear today. The most dangerous radicals who threaten our way of life are those who live among us. ..." more

Haters of Hate Crime Laws   Huffington Post 09/27/2013 - What's up with people who oppose hate crime laws? How can you be against laws that protect people from being targeted because of their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation or gender identity? more

That's A Man!   Huffington Post 09/04/2013 - It is dangerous for a gay or transgender person to walk down the street in any city or town in the United States of America. The anti-gay law in Russia is despicable. more

Pope Francis, the Reformer   Huffington Post 08/06/2013 - Some people think that Pope Francis is a reformer. Message to these people: to be a reformer you actually have to change something. more

The Irony of It All: When Adversaries Unintentionally Reveal the Truth   Huffington Post 07/10/2013 - How ironic! Sometimes it seems that it's almost impossible to get to the truth. Other times the truth is staring us right in the face, revealed unintentionally by the very people who oppose our view of it. more

Deciphering Hate Speech: How Coded Words Like 'Family' Breed Contempt   Huffington Post 07/02/2013 - Usually hate speech is pretty direct. A good example is the Web address for the Westboro Baptist Church. It's No need to decode that message. more

Getting to the Bottom of Bigotry Huffington Post 06/18/2013 - Hatred and bigotry are very old news. Yet they're in the news every day. More than that, they're in our face constantly, particularly on the Web... more

Lying in Defense of "the Truth"   Huffington Post 05/08/2013 - It's so perverse, it's almost poetic: The people who argue that there are no facts or who present their own made up facts as the truth... more

An Abominable Abomination  Huffington Post 04/29/2013 - "Abomination" is my favorite word in the entire Bible. I'm pretty much a Bible expert. I know all the words in the Bible, at least as it's been translated into English, and I can tell you that "abomination" is the best one. more

Our Friends and Neighbors in Congress  Huffington Post 04/22/2013 - The NRA is holding the United States Congress hostage. It's an act of terror, but Congress seems to like it. more

The Republican Party Is Going to the Dogs  Huffington Post 04/17/2013 - The Republican Party seems to have a death wish. I know that Republicans would love to run the country, but it just doesn't seem to be this country. more

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